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Newsletter Best Practice

BEST PRACTICE #1:   Grow your subscriber list

  • Make customer email collection mandatory across departments
  • Place a field for email address on every form
  • Hold a prize drawing for consumers who sign up for your newsletter AND publicize that the winner will only be notified by email

BEST PRACTICE #2:  Deliver engaging content

  • Include videos in your newsletters to showcase a new model lineup, announce a weekend sales event, introduce a dealership employee, or explain the importance of a particular Service Package
  • Add surveys to help gain market intelligence, collect feedback, and interact with your subscribers.
  • Advertise special events – owner clinics, sales events, and new model arrivals that appeal to existing customers and prospects. Include a link to an email address, so subscribers can RSVP.
  • Include New and Pre-owned Vehicle Specials – take 2-3 vehicle specials right from your website and reduce the internet price slightly. Now, it becomes a “Newsletter-Exclusive Special”- this will help to keep your subscribers from opting out of your newsletter!
  • Add service coupons which tend to be the most heavily clicked-on item in a newsletter. For best results, change them each month and make sure expiration dates are at least few weeks past the date your newsletter goes out.
  • Provide a Service Technician’s Tip of the Month.  Car care tips that come straight from your dealership are incredibly valuable to your subscribers. “What should I do when my Service Engine light comes on?” “How often do I really need oil changes?” “How long should my car battery last?” These are all questions that most vehicle owners have. Answer them in your Tip of the Month, and pair it up with a coupon! Consider including a photo of your service tech- when your customers come in for service, they’ll enjoy seeing a familiar face.